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User Interface Mobile App – Restaurant POS

I have the chance to create the User Interface Design of Restaurant POS Mobile Application. This is a freelance project. I’ve follow the design guidelines from developers android

I conceptualized the actual page designs in different densities (ldpi, mdpi and hdpi).

Below are the mobile actual sizes design i’ve created:

  • 480×800 – hdpi portrait
  • 800×480 – dpi landscape
  • 200×320 – ldpi portrait
  • 320×200 – ldpi landscape
  • 320×480 – mdpi portrait
  • 480×320 – mdpi landscape

Product Category

product category_200x320 - ldpi portrait_concept1

product category_320x200 - ldpi landscape_concept1

product category_320x480 - mdpi portrait_concept1

product category_480x320 - mdpi landscape_concept1

product category_480x800 - hdpi portrait_concept1

product category_800x480 - dpi landscape_concept1

Product Details

product details_200x320 - ldpi portrait_concept1

product details_320x200 - ldpi landscape_concept1

product details_320x480 - mdpi portrait_concept1

product details_480x320 - mdpi landscape_concept1

product details_480x800 - hdpi portrait_concept1

product details_800x480 - dpi landscape_concept1

Product Tree

product tree_200x320 - ldpi portrait_concept1

product tree_320x200 - ldpi landscape_concept1

product tree_320x480 - mdpi portrait_concept1

product tree_480x320 - mdpi landscape_concept1

product tree_480x800 - hdpi portrait_concept1

product tree_800x480 - dpi landscape_concept1


orders_200x320 - ldpi portrait_concept1

orders_320x200 - ldpi landscape_concept1

orders_320x480 - mdpi portrait_concept1

orders_480x320 - mdpi landscape_concept1

orders_480x800 - hdpi portrait_concept1

orders_800x480 - dpi landscape_concept1


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